Europolish Deutschland GmbH


Europolish Deutschland GmbH has been established in Germany in July 2011 as a Sales Office of EUROPOLISH® S.r.l., a leader company in the polishing industry based in Italy, with the kind support of Klaus Adams who is responsible for liquid and solid polishing compounds of the registered mark KASOL® (Klaus Adams Solingen) for many years.

Successful integration has been done with Wolfgang Wiederhold, active in surface technology since 1979 and with Manfred Obermann, with its more than 30 years of experience as a technical consultant for polishing emulsions and solid polishing compounds, in May 2013.

Messrs. Adams and Obermann are amongst the pioneers in the field of liquid and solid polishing compounds in Europe.

EUROPOLISH® S.r.l. has over 60 years experience in the production of polishing consumables and in the manufacture of a complete set of products and tools used in lapping, grinding and polishing activities as well as in the production of fully automated machines. The range of products involved is very wide and includes: cookware, knives and cutlery, sanitary fittings, door and window handles, automotive industrie, watches, home appliances and furniture, medical equipment, electronic products, stainless steel tubes and several other industries.

Europolish Deutschland GmbH has been established to provide good service and rapid responses to all our customers’ needs in Germany, Austria and other countries in Northern Europe. Europolish Deutschland GmbH has a big experience in the field of surface treatment and is able to provide professional solutions, offers competitive polishing materials, services as well as strong technical support aiming always to establish stable and long-term relationships with customers and promote common development.